Obstacle descriptions

Please note the obstacle list is preliminary and might change without notice.
Obstacle illustrations may be more or less accurate.


1. First obstacle

2. X swing over

Get up and over it. Seems simple enough, but is it?


3. UFO swing over (11 km only)

A higher swing over with a UFO on the rope to pass on your way up and down.

4. Monkey climb

The classic original survival obstacle.

5. Rope swing over

Climb up the rope and get over the horisontal rope. The foot lock and swing over technique is demonstrated on our instagram 

6. Swing over over net (11 km only)

Climb up the rope and get over the horisontal rope. The foot lock and swing over technique is demonstrated on our instagram 

7. Monkey bars

The classic monkey bars. You are not allowed to use your legs – arms only.

8. Monkey climb

Longer than the last one. Curious? Check this video out.

9. Tyre carry

Around the block, about 425 m.

10. Low log swing over

Get over the log, using the rope if you feel like it.

Technique tips

11. Over the Tille net

Up over the net, down over the logs.

12. Pole swing over (11 km only)

Get up the vertical pole, then over the horisontal pole, then down again. Enjoy! A video demonstration of this obstacle can be found on our instagram 

13. Irish table

Get over the plank.

Technique tips

14. Fence passage

Basically a coarse two-sided ladder. No big deal.

15. Rope ladder swing over

Simply climb up the rope ladder and get over.

16. Cliffhanger

Get down a smooth rock face using a rope.

17. Monkey climb

Even longer!

18. Giant hurdles

No problem if you’re 6 m tall.

19. Monkey climb with vertical detour

Monkey climb, then down to the beam and along it, then up again and continue.

20. Spruce forest combination 1

6 km: Monkey climb, over or under the net, monkey climb
11 km: Monkey climb, under the net, monkey climb, swing over, monkey climb


21. Self made swing over (11 km only)

Throw the rope over the log and get over, then pull the rope down for the next competitor.

22. Spruce forest combination 2 (11 km only)

Climb the loops over the first three logs, then do a monkey climb.


23. Short rope swing over (11 km only)

To get up and over this one you will have to work those core muscles and arms to nail a nice foot lock.

24. Postman walk (11 km only)

Walk on a tight rope, with a very loose rope to keep your balance.

Technique tips

25. Stick swing over (11 km only)

Climb the stick up and over the rope.

26. Spider monkey (11 km only)

A web of rope. Get to the other side (before the spider gets you).

27. XZ monkey climb (11 km only)

Monkey climb ascent. Twice. With some logs in the middle.

Something like this

28. Cross combination (11 km only)

You’ll get it when you get there, I hope.

29. Jump to rope + swing over (11 km only)

Do it just like Tarzan – jump to the rope and get up and over it. (OK just like if Tarzan was Dutch).

30. Thick rope swing over (11 km only)

You’ve almost done it before.

31. Forest combination (11 km only)

Brachiation, bahia (rope to rope), monkey climb.

32. Criss-cross monkey climb (11 km only)


33. Bahia party! (11 km only)

Last year, lots of people gathered for the party. Feel the vibes!
Here’s what it looked like in 2021: instagram 

34. Monkey – under – monkey (11 km only)

Monkey climb, but with a tarp you need to get under.

35. Komeini-brug

A Dutch classic. Another obstacle that is not too difficult but it is hard to perform smoothly and quickly. Technique and balance will help you succeed faster.

36. Harpooneering

Pull the harpoon in, then throw it. If you hit the mark, continue, else you get to pull some tires.

37. Spanish riders

A dutch classic. Inclined logs, with some thin ropes for help.

38. Monkey climb

Yes, another one!

39. Tight swing over

Climb up and over the horizontal rope. The tyres make it trickier to get a good foot lock.

40. Monkey climb with tyre

A normal monkey climb but with an obstacle on the rope. Go through, or on the outside or why not over the tyre? You choose, as long as you don’t touch the ground.

41. Final combination

Over the ramp, under the wall, under the giant rope ladder, under the net. With monkey climbs in between. Something like this: instagram